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- Patent Issued: Kim; Tae Hong, Engin; Ege , Swaminathan; Madhavan, "Systems and methods for electromagnetic band gap structure synthesis", US Patent: 8,060,457, Nov 15, 2011

- Patent Issued: George E. White, Madhavan Swaminathan, Venkatesh Sundaram and Sidharth Dalmia, "Liquid crystalline polymer and multilayer polymer-based passive signal processing components for RF/wireless multi-band applications", US Patent: 8,013,688, September 6, 2011.

- Patent Issued: Raj Pulugurtha, Jin Hyun Hwang, Isaac Robin Abothu, Mahadevan Krishna Iyer, Rao Tummala and Madhavan Swaminathan, “Ferroelectrics and Ferromagnetics for Noise Isolation in Integrated Circuits, Packaging and System Architetures”, United States Patent 7,977,758, Issue Date: 7/12/11.

- Brett Ireland wins the GT ECE 2011 Undergraduate Research Award

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